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Our revolutionary R10+ Antislip System is unlike other anti slip products. It offers a much greater wet slip resistance than products available today. It is neither a coating nor an acid-etching treatment and will not weaken or damage the tile. Other products can visually change the look of the surface, weaken the tile or wear off quickly needing reapplication.

The treatment is an impregnating treatment that can be used on almost all types of floor surfaces such as polished natural stones like marble and granite, or engineered composite stone, ceramic and porcelain tiles. It can even be used on shower bases and enamel/ porcelain bathtubs which makes them less slippery and hazardous when wet.

Application of the treatment is performed by our trained applicators and can be carried out with minimal disruption to the area. There is no curing or drying time required. This means the floor can be used immediately following application.

We work closely witn major hospitals, renowned hotels and schools, providing them specialized treatment and support as part of their floor safety programmes.